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torsdag, januari 29th, 2009

Dad's carThis is my dads car. Obviously he and mum is in town and dancing. There was a dance at the place close to the cinema tonight. I’m sorry its difficult to see, but we left a note to my dad. It says ”your green car still has a broken lamp, otherwise everything fine. 23.32”.

The green car made the inspection today. We have to fix the lamp at the license plate. Thats the only thing 😀 . But the inspector man thought that something could be wrong with the wheel bearing.

And yes, we were at the cinema tonight. We didn’t like the movie, Mammoth. But we used our gift cards so it was for free. We had to use one of them today because it was best before february 😉 Thanks sister and grandma for the other gift card.


torsdag, januari 29th, 2009

Nu fungerar både och =)

Man kan fortfarande skriva eller, men det är inte lika roligt.

Jo just det

måndag, januari 26th, 2009

Angående igårkväll så har jag aldrig sett så mycket kaffe på golvet. Även fast jag försökte he bort allt i snön så blev jag tvungen att tvätta skorna två gånger. Undersidan är ren men lukten får jag nog leva med ett tag. Kaffelukten alltså. 🙂


söndag, januari 25th, 2009

Numera går det tydligen att läsa sobernetmejl via IMAP4. Det betyder att man kan använda typ thunderbird eller mobiltelefonen för att kolla eposten. Wiie! 😀

Iof gör jag redan det, men via vidareskickning till vår egna mejlserver. Men det är bra för alla andra att det går framåt.


lördag, januari 24th, 2009

Kvitto Fin stämpel

Bevisen på att vi var på Casinot igår. Vi gjorde av med hela trettio kronor var, på inträde. Det var intressant. Mycket buffel och amerikanskfotbollstil, med målet att hinna så många varv och armbåga så många som möjligt. Men också många bra dansare och bara två stolpskott. Eller var det tre? Kul var det iaf. Snart kommer träningsvärken också. Det var lätt värt 30 kronor (eller 60 då R åkte hem efter nån timme). Då fick man också det man betalade för, dålig luft, mycket folk och nära till alkohol. Fast jag blev förvånad att man fick en svart stämpel. Jag kommer ju vara märkt i flera dagar nu.

Long time no see

onsdag, januari 21st, 2009

Last week I’ve

  • been working. Im happy it wasn’t so very cold.
  • met a man that said if I want to study Swedish at ”komvux” I have to do it in the evenings if I wan’t to keep my money from Försäkringskassan. It did not make me happier. Did I say it was the coldest day this month?
  • met great UNF-people.
  • been dancing. Yes, it was great. Just bad I was so tired because I had work in the morning. But I danced more the day after at the ”training session”. So much so I got ache after it. =)
  • been a complete day in Härnösand. First with some politicans and other people. Then I walked the way I used to walk from school to downtown. It’s interesting how used I am to go that way and remembered everything even if it was some years ago. I went to my sister, she wanted me to visit her. At her school she showed me to everybody and everybody said we were like clones. I recognized some of her old class mates. I visited her spanish class. It felt odd to sit in those very small chairs and listen to her teacher. It was interesting to be there, I understood a bit. After a while they did a exercise and I thought I recognized it, but I wasn’t sure. The date on the paper was 2003/2004 and that was my last year with spanish. After that we saw a movie. It felt very strange that I knew a bit what was going to happen. After the class we took the bus and met brother and girlfriend. As usual sister waited for brother to push the stop button. He waited for her to push it. I let they do it.
  • had a home made pizza with starcraft and mud cake evening.

My other new friends

torsdag, januari 15th, 2009
My other new friends

My other new friends


tisdag, januari 13th, 2009

Maybe I forgot to tell you? I googled today and found this picture. Oh yes, me and a policeman. The day after our beer-buying-test-evening the radio wanted me to come there and talk about it. So I visited ”efter tre”. The police talked about the evening, the evening before Lucia.Hos radion

For those interested ones: the sixteen year  old could buy beer in 3 of 12 stores. The stores sold the beer illegally because you have to be eightteen to buy beer in a store. Only one of the three stores asked for ID-card. But he sold anyway.

Dagbladet also wrote about it.


måndag, januari 12th, 2009

krämToday I ate one of Rickards presents. He got this (and some more (strange) food) at his birthday. It says on it that you should eat it between the meals. So I ate it after the  mudcake and before dinner. It was ok. Sugar is good. And it was more apples and pears than added sugar. But I think it’s sad with those small packages and that little food. But I’m going to recycle it, better than not doing anything 😉

I’m a bit more skeptic to the other one he got, strawberry and wild strawberry taste. It contains strawberry, some other fruits and aroma. No wild strawberrys. I love wild strawberrys, but real ones. I will ty it some other day. Rickard doesn’t like this kind of food. =)

Google says I’m not alone with this thoughts, here is some swedish.

New friends

måndag, januari 12th, 2009

Swedish text below english text.

English version:

Around a train station you can see a lot of people, and some people spend more time there than others. Meet me and M’s new friends:

The paper guy: He looked at us like we were stupid. We were standing in his way for the big car, but I didn’t now because I had my back to the street (and you are not allowed to drive were we stand).

The man who was at the train station in the morning and had a plastic bag. Suddenly he walked away without the plastic bag. After a while he came back. He had his sleeping bag also. He went to the big sign with a big map. It looked like he was drawing an own map on a paper. After that he went to the unemployment office we think. He dissapperad. Came back with a new plastic bag. Walked around.

The chainsaw man. He took out a chainsaw from the car. Started it. Stopped it. Went in to the train station. Came out with the christmas tree. He also gave the real trees outside some water…

Conclusion: Don’t be at a train station alone. Or you will never be alone there, but anyway. And it’s fun to be there.

Svensk version:

Runt en tågstation kan man se många människor och vissa spenderar mer tid än andra där. Här är mina och M’s nya vänner:

Tidningstransportkillen: Tutade åt oss för att han skulle ha möjlighet att åka in på trottoaren så nära kiosken som möjligt. Sen skräpade han ner också.

Mannen som var där på morgonen med en plastpåse och kom och gick under dagen.

Motorsågsmannen: Tog ut en motorsåg från bilen. Startade den. Stängde av den. Gick in i vänthallen. Kom ut med julgranen.

Slutsats: Var inte på en tågstation ensam. Eller du är aldrig ensam där, men ändå. Tur att det är kul att vara där.