krämToday I ate one of Rickards presents. He got this (and some more (strange) food) at his birthday. It says on it that you should eat it between the meals. So I ate it after the  mudcake and before dinner. It was ok. Sugar is good. And it was more apples and pears than added sugar. But I think it’s sad with those small packages and that little food. But I’m going to recycle it, better than not doing anything 😉

I’m a bit more skeptic to the other one he got, strawberry and wild strawberry taste. It contains strawberry, some other fruits and aroma. No wild strawberrys. I love wild strawberrys, but real ones. I will ty it some other day. Rickard doesn’t like this kind of food. =)

Google says I’m not alone with this thoughts, here is some swedish.

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