Long time no see

Last week I’ve

  • been working. Im happy it wasn’t so very cold.
  • met a man that said if I want to study Swedish at ”komvux” I have to do it in the evenings if I wan’t to keep my money from Försäkringskassan. It did not make me happier. Did I say it was the coldest day this month?
  • met great UNF-people.
  • been dancing. Yes, it was great. Just bad I was so tired because I had work in the morning. But I danced more the day after at the ”training session”. So much so I got ache after it. =)
  • been a complete day in Härnösand. First with some politicans and other people. Then I walked the way I used to walk from school to downtown. It’s interesting how used I am to go that way and remembered everything even if it was some years ago. I went to my sister, she wanted me to visit her. At her school she showed me to everybody and everybody said we were like clones. I recognized some of her old class mates. I visited her spanish class. It felt odd to sit in those very small chairs and listen to her teacher. It was interesting to be there, I understood a bit. After a while they did a exercise and I thought I recognized it, but I wasn’t sure. The date on the paper was 2003/2004 and that was my last year with spanish. After that we saw a movie. It felt very strange that I knew a bit what was going to happen. After the class we took the bus and met brother and girlfriend. As usual sister waited for brother to push the stop button. He waited for her to push it. I let they do it.
  • had a home made pizza with starcraft and mud cake evening.

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