Do you want to know a secret? I miss summer and Iceland. All the fun we had. I miss the life without worries. The life that always had a lot of different food at home. And I could eat ice cream every day. Speaking English and try to understand the Icelandic. Use the angry eyes at K when he spoke (very fast) Swedish about guests. Realize that I’m hungry when the clock is after one and I’m already in bed so me and M start talking about food. Not wake up before nine thirty. Only use the phone for alarm, clock and music. Have massage every tuesday evening with S. Laugh at all those crazy jokes. And all the fun we had.

2 Responses to “Memories”

  1. Mix skriver:

    I’m curious to see the Kenyan flag on the blog comment… That was a nice post! I miss it too. Just the other day I was thinking how much fun we had in Reykjavik and I wish I had a friend like you to travel with here too. And people are still so new that they don’t get my jokes… That’s sad. Try to hang in there!

  2. Sara skriver:

    Haha. Im sorry there is no flag 😉 Actually we dont know why.
    I miss you too. I think they will understand soon. At least some of the people. =)