The Sofia that soon will return to Sweden, make me think about Iceland (again). She says she’s divided into two. I understand her. And remember how strange it was, the last days at Iceland when we were in Rvk. It was so strange to just have M around, be in the big city, all the people, cars, buses and everything. And hear people speaking other scandinavian languages. Like when we were on the bus to the Blue Lagoon, almost everybody else was speaking swedish or norwegian. It was so fun to sit there and listen while they must think we didn’t understand them. And I think M understood a bit, even if she didn’t wanted to 😉

But of course it was more strange when me and K came to Isafjordur. Thats a very small city, or village. But we had got so used to Breidavik so we got stressed by all the cars and people. And it felt strange to use money. But it was fun to cook our own food. Of course it was fun to see a new place too.

My very last day at Iceland I only had my boss’s sister and her husband to say goodby to. I felt lonely without M. To leave Breidavik was hard, even if we were the last ones. I’m so happy M had booked flight almost the same day as me. Ant that I spend such a long time there.

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  1. M skriver:

    Hey, it sounds so beautiful. You are true in everything you say, my friend. I’m also glad we spent time in RVK together. It was so sad to leave Iceland but now we have new adventures…

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