Bal i studenttider

This week both my brother and sister went to ball. I didn’t look at the one at tuesday, but I’ve got some photos.

The third grade ball:

S & E

E & S (foto: Sofia)


NV06A (foto: Sofia)

Usually people go there by ’goodlooking’ old cars if they want to stop by outside the place where the ball is. But the science class took the bus. I think that was cute.

The ninth grade ball:

A, S & L

A, S & L (foto: Sara)

Sis and me

Sis and me (foto: pappa)


Bike (foto: mamma) Some cute boys took the bike "we thought about the environment" said the sign on the bike.

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  1. Kamilla skriver:

    Har du flera bröder? =)

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