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Not so far away…

tisdag, juni 16th, 2009

Inte så långt bort…

Don't feed the crocodiles

Vänligen mata ej krokodilerna - Please, don't feed the crocodiles

Fotat vid Selångersfjärden, Sundsvall.


tisdag, juni 16th, 2009

fbEn skum sak: min ansiktsbok är på engelska. Men ibland får den för sig att skriva vissa saker på svenska. Tex ”en stund sedan”.

En annan skum sak: ”en stund sedan” verkar vara lika länge som ”moments ago” och ”within 10 minutes”. Ungefär. Borde det inte vara konsekvent? Använda samma alltid?

My facebook is in English. But as you can see on the picture there is sometimes stuff in Swedish. It’s also strange that ”en stund sedan” seems to be as long as ”within 10 minutes” and ”moments ago”.

Gamla bilder

torsdag, juni 11th, 2009

Idag ska min syster på bal. Precis samma dag för sex år sen var jag också på bal. Så idag är jag snäll och bjuder på lite bilder. Gamla bilder alltså.

Today my sister will go to school ball. The same day six years ago I also went to ball. So today I’m nice and sharing some pictures. Old pictures.


 Sara Saras hår Saras hår


lördag, februari 28th, 2009

Ibland påpekar folk att jag ofta bara skriver första bokstaven istället för hela namnet när jag skriver om folk. För er vill jag berätta att det är väldigt enkelt att googla fram vår blogg. Jag vill inte hänga ut folk, jag vill att de/ni själva ska få bestämma vad folk får veta. Det är både roligt och svårt att skriva kryptiskt 😉

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I just wanted to tell you why I don’t write so many names here. I don’t think the whole world need to know who did what. Oh yes, I know everybody can read the blog. But I think that when I write about people they deserve to decide by theyself if they want the whole world to know it’s them or not. And yes, you don’t have to read the english. This part I only wrote to M and maybe some more. =)


onsdag, februari 25th, 2009

The Sofia that soon will return to Sweden, make me think about Iceland (again). She says she’s divided into two. I understand her. And remember how strange it was, the last days at Iceland when we were in Rvk. It was so strange to just have M around, be in the big city, all the people, cars, buses and everything. And hear people speaking other scandinavian languages. Like when we were on the bus to the Blue Lagoon, almost everybody else was speaking swedish or norwegian. It was so fun to sit there and listen while they must think we didn’t understand them. And I think M understood a bit, even if she didn’t wanted to 😉

But of course it was more strange when me and K came to Isafjordur. Thats a very small city, or village. But we had got so used to Breidavik so we got stressed by all the cars and people. And it felt strange to use money. But it was fun to cook our own food. Of course it was fun to see a new place too.

My very last day at Iceland I only had my boss’s sister and her husband to say goodby to. I felt lonely without M. To leave Breidavik was hard, even if we were the last ones. I’m so happy M had booked flight almost the same day as me. Ant that I spend such a long time there.


onsdag, februari 11th, 2009

Do you want to know a secret? I miss summer and Iceland. All the fun we had. I miss the life without worries. The life that always had a lot of different food at home. And I could eat ice cream every day. Speaking English and try to understand the Icelandic. Use the angry eyes at K when he spoke (very fast) Swedish about guests. Realize that I’m hungry when the clock is after one and I’m already in bed so me and M start talking about food. Not wake up before nine thirty. Only use the phone for alarm, clock and music. Have massage every tuesday evening with S. Laugh at all those crazy jokes. And all the fun we had.


torsdag, januari 29th, 2009

Dad's carThis is my dads car. Obviously he and mum is in town and dancing. There was a dance at the place close to the cinema tonight. I’m sorry its difficult to see, but we left a note to my dad. It says ”your green car still has a broken lamp, otherwise everything fine. 23.32”.

The green car made the inspection today. We have to fix the lamp at the license plate. Thats the only thing 😀 . But the inspector man thought that something could be wrong with the wheel bearing.

And yes, we were at the cinema tonight. We didn’t like the movie, Mammoth. But we used our gift cards so it was for free. We had to use one of them today because it was best before february 😉 Thanks sister and grandma for the other gift card.

Long time no see

onsdag, januari 21st, 2009

Last week I’ve

  • been working. Im happy it wasn’t so very cold.
  • met a man that said if I want to study Swedish at ”komvux” I have to do it in the evenings if I wan’t to keep my money from Försäkringskassan. It did not make me happier. Did I say it was the coldest day this month?
  • met great UNF-people.
  • been dancing. Yes, it was great. Just bad I was so tired because I had work in the morning. But I danced more the day after at the ”training session”. So much so I got ache after it. =)
  • been a complete day in Härnösand. First with some politicans and other people. Then I walked the way I used to walk from school to downtown. It’s interesting how used I am to go that way and remembered everything even if it was some years ago. I went to my sister, she wanted me to visit her. At her school she showed me to everybody and everybody said we were like clones. I recognized some of her old class mates. I visited her spanish class. It felt odd to sit in those very small chairs and listen to her teacher. It was interesting to be there, I understood a bit. After a while they did a exercise and I thought I recognized it, but I wasn’t sure. The date on the paper was 2003/2004 and that was my last year with spanish. After that we saw a movie. It felt very strange that I knew a bit what was going to happen. After the class we took the bus and met brother and girlfriend. As usual sister waited for brother to push the stop button. He waited for her to push it. I let they do it.
  • had a home made pizza with starcraft and mud cake evening.

My other new friends

torsdag, januari 15th, 2009
My other new friends

My other new friends


tisdag, januari 13th, 2009

Maybe I forgot to tell you? I googled today and found this picture. Oh yes, me and a policeman. The day after our beer-buying-test-evening the radio wanted me to come there and talk about it. So I visited ”efter tre”. The police talked about the evening, the evening before Lucia.Hos radion

For those interested ones: the sixteen year  old could buy beer in 3 of 12 stores. The stores sold the beer illegally because you have to be eightteen to buy beer in a store. Only one of the three stores asked for ID-card. But he sold anyway.

Dagbladet also wrote about it.